Best Home Addition Design Build Contractor In Westminster Shares Ideas For Increasing Square Footage

A home addition project offers an effective way to increase the square footage of your living spaces. This can enhance the value and the functionality of your property without necessarily costing you a fortune. If a project is handled wisely, you can quickly and affordably increase your space to accommodate your growing family. Give us a call today if you need the best home addition design-build contractor in Westminster.

If you lack ground space to expand your house, all is not lost. In fact, you do not even need to give up your garage to create an extra room. Instead, consider adding a room over the garage and using it as your office or guest room. As long as a good foundation for the new room is already in place, adding walls and a roof will be an easy and quick process.

We also recommend creating a mudroom. This is merely a small entryway that makes it unnecessary to enter the main house with your soiled shoes. We will use benches, inbuilt cabinet, hooks, and cubbies to create extra storage space for stuff that does not need to be stored inside your house. This is also an ideal area to set up a place for bathing and grooming your pets.

Kitchen remodeling projects do not have to be expensive for them to guarantee a high return on investment. Making your kitchen larger will make it easier and more fun to entertain your large family or your guests. In this case, we could knock down a wall or two off the sides of the kitchen to add square footage.

Irrespective of how impossible a project may seem at first, we can help you realize your goals and objectives. Our skilled and creative contractors have what it takes to turn your dreams into reality. We will listen to your needs and plans to ensure that everything works according to your budget and expectations.