Home Addition Contractors In Westminster MD Offer Smart Housing Options

For many people with growing families or a growing number of possessions, a starter housed may not be adequate to hold the accumulation of children and items that are seen as necessary tools for living and playing. When you have outgrown your existing quarters, but like the neighborhood in which you have put down roots, you might want to consider adding to the size of your house’s footprint. Certified Home Remodelers Inc is ready to supply their services as home addition contractors in Westminster MD. Rather than expose yourself to the expense and frustration of a move, let us help you add residential space by adding onto existing square footage.

Even if you live on a small lot, there are ways to increase the livable space within your residence. A single level house, for example, can add a second story or can improve the use of attics or basement areas through dormers in the attic or providing better access to the basement.

Another way to increase livable space is through repurposing existing space. A storage area can be turned into a livable space which better fits the needs of the family or household members.

For homeowners who enjoy the concept of outdoor living space, a multi-season room can be added by enclosing a patio area so that it becomes an indoor/outdoor space. A solarium is a way to bring the outdoors in and providing attractive and functional living areas.

We can help you to design and build a living space through smart products and design components. The finished addition will fit seamlessly into the overall structure so that it doesn’t look tacked on or incongruous. We are noted for our high-quality designs and processes. We work closely with clients to ensure that they are happy and satisfied with the new living space that turns a dream into reality.